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The essay is a prosaic composition of a small volume and free composition, expressing your impressions and considerations on a specific topic or issue.

When writing an essay, the logic develops perfectly, the ability to argue one’s opinion, and correctly present the information. Style of presentation is more focused on conversational.

The main features of the essay – a specific topic and the expression of individual impressions, the author’s thoughts on the topic (problem, question) with an emphasis on the author’s personality (his feelings, worldview), casual narration (conversation), attention to detail.

First of all what you need to make this is researching the topic you want to write.

-Go on the web, go to the library, look through a scholastic database, or read daily papers. You can ask any librarian in most cases they can help you with research

– Another important step thi is your notes. Write down all unique and interesting information about the topic you are looking for. Remember sources you are writing from and check again later. Sometimes new good ideas came later on.

Check already written example In your research you’ll probably use really good opinues about theme and not really good. Think twice to see what makes them true.

– Brainstorm.  Sure, you can use all argumets that you already have to protect your opinion. On the other hand much better to be more original and come with your own ideas. People would really apriciate this because this is you own ideas about the topic.

– Look at the ideas that you create. Choose one to three of you’re the most impressive ideas that support your possition. And find out some thesis. This thesis statement have focuson your idea and the theme you want to explain.

– Take the thoughts that you already have and write down  them into an outline. Write a topic sentence for your main ideas. Then, underneath, make your main provement and thesis that can suppot you .

– You do want to think about length here; don’t write pages one after another if your master wants 3 paragraphs. However, you should give freedome to your thoughts.

– Never use generelizaied statements just because your reader can just disagree about them. Maybe your global warming is nothing compare to the cancer for another person

– Your title and introduction should make people continue to read-listen

Try to write at least one essay every day and you would become better and better every time you try. Just imafine that Edison make 10 000 tries to make lamp.


Writing a special essay is an integral part of a student’s life.

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Each author has his own unique author’s style. For example, when publishing classical literary works, author’s neologisms and even explicit grammatical and spelling mistakes of the author are often preserved for the most complete transfer of the author’s style. Sometimes later they even become a new literary norm

The author’s style, this is what your texts will recognize and remember after a long time after reading. Many novice surveyors are worried because their reviews are similar to the texts of other authors, i.e. are standard and do not stand out from the general mass. Do not worry about this, at the beginning of the creative path we all write the same, you can say from the template. Your style will appear after you have a good hand on the texts, experience and skill will appear. With each review you write, you will better and better use words, and then you can try to experiment and choose your own style.

A sign of your style can be not only an artistic text in game reviews. Each author has something of his own, unique, inherent only to him ..

Headings (chapters) are one of the most important components of any review. They play an important role in creating the structure of the document and help readers navigate the text. The title breaks the text into blocks, and such a presentation of the material is much easier to comprehend. It is customary to make headings slightly biger than the rest of the text and highlight them with color. Do not use red for headings. Red is the color of danger and anxiety, besides, he constantly draws his eyes, distracting from the text. Each headline should say what will be discussed in the part of the text below it. I saw reviews in which the author simply uses a certain flight of fantasy, first he has a description of the history of the game, then it comes to graphics, physics, mechanics and all this is a continuous text without headings. Already after 3 minutes of reading, you are lost, where and about what is going on, you are missing the thread of the narrative. Headings are, in fact, chapters to which you share your review.


We all know this joyous feeling of completing an essay. When all errors are fixed, arguments found, theses written, evidence analyzed, idea presented, the only thing that remains is to print the work and wait for the tutor’s response.
However, when checking the text for grammatical errors, it is still difficult to predict, what the real reader will think, what he or she will feel, will it be boring or exciting and so on.
Analysis of such moments is the work of an editor. And, of course, that editor is you.
And here are some tips, that will help with doing it properly.

1.Read your text aloud.
When reading aloud, you will be able to notice the little things that were not discerned during while writing . You will be a listener and an author at the same time.

2. Make sure all words are important.
Do all the sentences play a considerable role? Do they make this or that argument more convincing? If not, then you should throw them away. If you can put your point of view in one sentence instead of five, do it.

3. Avoid too harsh, familiar phrases and slang.
Sometimes we try to use such techniques to seem closer to the listeners, to enter into trust and to impress.
However, such things are often perceived by the audience not as we expect. It is mostly perceived as excessive expressiveness and intransigence.
If your idea is really good, then you will be supported without these techniques. If not, they won’t help anyway.

4. Be rigorous about your brightest sentences.
In your essay there are places with very successful sentences you are most fond of.
And very often you abuse them by inserting into every part of your essay.
However, you need to understand that first of all you show the idea, not the aesthetic component. The viewer will appreciate not the artistry of your work, but the conviction that you bring to him.

So, take these advices into account and good luck with editing your essay!


All people do have opinions on different topics, but it’s not the only thing needed to write an essay for readers to dive into with deep interest. Here’re _ tips to make it original or at least not boring.

  1. After you know the topic to be writing about – find the one strong point of view you’ll come with to the end. The essay demands your opinion, and the more confident you’re with key message you’ve chosen – the more excite your reader gets. Your attitude must be clear from the very start of reading.
  2. Be curious. Having questions to the title brings fresh air to your view and makes it brighter. Especially if you have fixed size to fit it would be helpful. It makes the process of making the plot line easier when certain argument comes from previous one, making question/answer thing perfectly demonstrate it.
  3. References for respect. References show you are evolving, searching for new information and it creates a picture of the serious person you can become if needed. This will make those, who check you respect you and the brainwork you dedicate your time to. This is one of the best sides to open.
  4. Someone should be standing behind your words. Anyone who can be googled and easily found to prove the truth was written. When you cite someone (especially popular one) you make people take you seriously. You have the authority, the former of your own vision and here’s what he thinks, here’s why I agree. The very important thing that emphasizing your maturity.
  5. Rereading. Let your essay live its own life for some time, don’t think about it, do not come back there and read it like something you see at first in a few days. If you take it as a whole and it still makes sense – you really killed it. If the situation is the opposite – bad news, buddy.

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