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And they no longer have a deadline looming on the horizon.

Brainerd City Council agreed on Monday, July 19 to provide $ 162,043 in matching funds for a historical society grant application, which would provide the same amount – if awarded – to help fund a roof for the tower.

In 2018, city council set aside $ 300,000 for the tower – the estimated cost to demolish it if funds could not be raised to save it – and has so far only used $ 12,500. The $ 12,500 was matching funds required for a 2019 historical society grant to fund design plans for the new roof and necessary tower renovations.

With the designs, courtesy of LHB, now almost complete, the water tower committee knows what needs to be done to stabilize the aging structure and how much it will cost. The estimated cost of adding a synthetic rubber roof and a catch basin for drainage, as well as restoring the windows and steel staircase, filling in the brick around the windows and relocating flag poles, is $ 324,086, a decrease from the estimate of about $ 400,000, committee chairman Paul Skogen given to the board at its last meeting.

The grant application is due July 23.

Council member Gabe Johnson asked if the water tower committee had contacted Breen & Person Ltd., the law firm located under the water tower and most affected by the stucco fall in recent years, to ask him if he was satisfied with the progress made. . Mayor Dave Badeaux, council liaison to the committee, said he had yet to receive a response from the law firm. Council therefore asked city administrator Jennifer Bergman to make contact.

Assuming the new roof becomes a reality, the second phase of the tower construction would remove and repair the stucco, which could cost around $ 600,000. The tower, however, is structurally sound, and with a new roof to prevent further water damage, the tower could survive for decades.

Skogen also submitted a claim to Senator Amy Klobuchar for congressional-directed spending from the Senate Appropriations Committee for more than $ 400,000.

The historic water tower, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in December 2020, sits on the corner of Washington and Sixth streets in downtown Brainerd. Although it no longer holds water, the structure has become an icon of the city, welcoming passers-by to Brainerd and depicting the city on its official seal.

City council began talking about the future of the tower in 2018, sparked off by large chunks of stucco falling to the ground.

A committee was formed and initially given two years – until October 2020 – to raise money to fund what was thought at the time to be $ 1.6 million to $ 3 million in renovations. With COVID-19 throwing a wrench into the plans, council extended the deadline until July 2021. On Monday, committee members requested a further extension of the deadline until September 2022, but city council has agreed not to set another end date for the project but asked the group to provide regular updates as work continues.
The committee has raised over $ 44,000 so far, with an additional $ 24,000 in private pledges which will hopefully be made public soon.

Water tower committee members will accept donations at their booth at the Crow Wing County Fair August 3-7 and also sell water tower items, such as t-shirts, key chains , cribbage boards, cards and mugs. The group decided on Wednesday July 21 to order another shipment of Christmas tree ornaments with the water tower on, but are not sure whether they will arrive before the fair.

Other donations can be made online through the city’s website at ci.brainerd.mn.us, with a 3.61% service charge applied to all donations.

Those interested in joining the water tower committee can complete an application at https://bit.ly/2SwQ4Rt or withdraw a file in town hall.

The committee, which is working toward nonprofit status, meets at 6 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

For more information visit brainerdwatertower.com or follow the Save the Historic Brainerd Water Tower page on Facebook.

THERESA BOURKE can be contacted at theresa.bourke@brainerddispatch.com or 218-855-5860. Follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/DispatchTheresa.

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The United Kingdom will overhaul the way research and development is funded http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/the-united-kingdom-will-overhaul-the-way-research-and-development-is-funded/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 23:01:07 +0000 http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/the-united-kingdom-will-overhaul-the-way-research-and-development-is-funded/

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng will report on Thursday a further reshuffle of the network of bodies the UK government uses to fund research and development, as he unveils initiatives to boost UK competitiveness after Brexit.

Only three years ago, the government led by Theresa May reorganized the sector to create a new super-quango dedicated to financing innovation.

Ministers then merged Innovate UK and Research England with the UK’s seven research councils to create a comprehensive national funding agency called UK Research and Innovation with a budget of £ 6 billion.

But Boris Johnson’s government has drafted legislation to create a rival ‘blue sky’ science research agency that will invest taxpayer dollars in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The new body, called the Advanced Research and Invention Agency, with a budget of £ 800million over four years, was originally headed by Dominic Cummings, the former chief adviser to the Prime Minister.

Kwarteng’s innovation strategy involves an independent review which “would assess the landscape of UK organizations undertaking all forms of research, development and innovation”.

He will say it is the government’s job to make sure the UK keeps pace with the ‘global race for innovation’, adding: ‘If we do it right, we can lay the groundwork for new industries. of tomorrow and ensuring that UK companies are at the forefront of turning global cutting-edge science into new products and services that are successful in international markets.

The government has said it has pledged to increase public investment in R&D to £ 22 billion every year.

However, a recent study by the Higher Education Policy Institute, a think tank, found that the UK is likely to miss its target of spending 2.4% of its gross domestic product on research and development by 2027.

Kwarteng’s Innovation Strategy outlines seven strategic technologies that focus on existing R&D strengths in the UK, including robotics, genomics and AI.

The strategy also offers “high potential individuals” and “scale-up” visas to allow “internationally mobile” entrepreneurs to work in the UK.

Separately, Kwarteng and Lord David Frost, Minister of the Cabinet Office, will define a post-Brexit regulatory approach in the UK on Thursday, including reviving the “one in, two out” model to cut red tape.

Kwarteng will announce that the new regulations will now be drawn up on a “principle of proportionality”, marking a break with what he claims to be the EU’s excessive use of the “precautionary principle”.

It also seeks to make more use of regulatory “sandboxes” where certain rules are lifted to test new products in the markets under the supervision of watchdogs.

Part of the program was possible before Britain left the EU: David Cameron’s coalition government introduced the model of removing two regulations for every new regulation, but the policy atrophied after he left. his duties in 2016.

Kwarteng and Frost jointly developed the deregulation plan in response to a report from a task force led by former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith.

Frost said that “for the first time in a generation we are free to implement rules that put the UK first”.

Joe Marshall of the Institute for Government, a think tank, said the ‘one in, two out’ regulatory model was open to being ‘played’ by officials who might be looking for trivial old rules to drop and make way. to important new regulations.

While he welcomed initiatives such as the expansion of the ‘sandbox’ approach, he said the new regulatory policy also came with risks, as the more Britain strayed from Brussels rules, the greater the likelihood of border friction with the EU.

Marshall said in an article last month: “A deviation from EU rules in Britain could deepen the border along the Irish Sea, with Northern Ireland still being forced to follow many EU rules on goods.

Young players bite CommSec & Nabtrade ankles http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/young-players-bite-commsec-nabtrade-ankles/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:48:36 +0000 http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/young-players-bite-commsec-nabtrade-ankles/

Australia may not yet have the zero-cost brokerage model for local stocks popularized by the US platform Robinhood – or not yet anyway – but that hasn’t stopped young Australians from finding out. the pleasures of stock trading.

Call them Millennials or Zoomers, they used their last lockdown time to good effect. Plus, they don’t just trade “meme” stocks plugged in by dubious influencers on Reddit or TikTok.

Trends bode well for Personal wealth (SFW), the only listed low-cost brokerage that works with a flat fee of $ 9.50 per trade.

The company claims to be the fifth-largest retail broker in the country overall, with a 7% market share in a market competed by as many as 40 vendors.

“We have grown at a fantastic rate over the past 18 months from where we were at the start of the pandemic,” said CEO Cath Whitaker.

On Monday, the company’s shares resumed trading after a $ 10 million placement at 39 cents, a 9% discount. A share purchase plan is expected to raise an additional $ 2 million.

The funds will be used to support “aggressive” expansion, such as the launch last November of a US platform to trade US stocks (just in time to ride the surge in trading sparked by Gamestop’s short-selling frenzy) .

This month, the company announced plans to add a cryptocurrency trading platform, after a survey of 3,500 of its clients found that 30% had invested in “cryptos” and An additional 38% intended to do so.

Under the no-fee model that has flourished in the United States, brokers earn their money from fees paid to so-called market makers: middlemen who consolidate transactions and execute them at a slightly lower price. to that stipulated in the order.

It is a volume based margin game.

Australia does not have toll-free brokers, but competition is certainly increasing in the low-fee industry.

Whitaker describes competition as a ‘look left, look right’ case.

On the left are the brokerage operations of the Big Four Banks – run by the monolithic Commonwealth Securities – and CMC Markets (which is in alliance with ANZ Bank).

“When I look closely, it’s the newcomers like Superhero, Stake or Raiz and Spaceship with a slightly different offer than ours,” she says.

Superhero, which offers local $ 5 trades and free trades in US stocks and ETFs, has been splurging on prime-time advertising. Stake plans to expand its trading offering from the US market to ASX.

The other strong competitors are eToro in the United States and IG Markets in the United Kingdom.

SelfWealth claims to be the only low-cost platform to offer direct legal property rights with Holder Identification Numbers (HINs) rather than custodial agreements.

Two intermediary custodians, BBY and Halifax Investments, have gone bankrupt over the past five years, while Opus Prime imploded during the global financial crisis.

The approximately 12,000 clients in Halifax only recently announced that they would recover their shares following the broker’s collapse in November 2018.

“This is not a theoretical discussion, it has hurt thousands of Australians,” Whitaker said.

However, Whitaker believes that near-zero competitors will emerge in the local market, using a loss-making strategy based on generating revenue from foreign exchange fees or other peripherals.

“In the digital world, you pay for the product or you are the product, they’re going to make their money one way or another,” she says.

Whitaker says investors should be asking how these companies make their money.

“If something is too good to be true, it just might be,” she said. “We would be happy to have a conversation with ASIC to make sure the risks are understood by mom and dad’s investors.”

Younger investors are seen as being too influenced by questionable online advice, but Whitaker says they’re more diligent in their research than one might think.

While trendy sectors such as buy now, pay later (BNPL) stocks have been popular with novice traders, iron ore miners have been popular as well.

“The big four banks were among the most traded stocks in May,” she said, adding that investors are more wary of BNPL stocks.

SelfWealth’s quarterly report in June showed revenue increased 22% to $ 5.11 million, with positive cash flow of $ 140,000 (just over $ 1 million overall. year 2020-2021).

The number of active customers increased by 105% to 95,189.

Compared to the March quarter, however, revenue fell 11% and the number of transactions was down 30%.

SelfWealth shares have fallen about 30% in the past 12 months, but they still nearly doubled their November 2017 listing price by 20 cents apiece.

While the company’s $ 80 million market valuation appears modest, the challenge for management is to shift to profitability.

In underlying terms, the loss for the year through June 2021 is expected to decrease to between $ 400,000 and $ 900,000, compared to a deficit of $ 2.9 million for the year 2019-2020.

The actors of Minnow tread the boards of the ASX

Meanwhile, SelfWealth’s ASX “orphan” status is set to be challenged by two new entrants, albeit with different product proposals.

After raising $ 10 million in IPO funds, OpenMarkets plans to go into debt later this year.

OpenMarkets is more about providing business-to-business services to other brokers (including SelfWealth). Behind the scenes, he clears more than $ 50 billion in transactions per year, on 200,000 accounts.

But it also has an Open Trader trading platform, a “self-managed” platform for “serious active investors”.

Perth-based Marketech is planning an IPO for its platform, which targets “serious active investors” with add-ons such as live streaming.

In June, the company toured for $ 1.5 million from investors, including former Afterpay director (and first investor) Mike Jefferies.

Dare dream …

Meanwhile, the remaining listed full-service brokers show a mixed picture, with shares in Bell Financial Group (BFG) 41% raised in the last year and 180% in the last five years.

Following the acquisition of local rival Hartleys, the Perth-based company Euroz Hartleys (EZL) said it would pay a final dividend of 13.5 cents, which equates to a practical 8% full-year return.

Euroz shares have gained 87% and 155% over one and five years respectively, but the broker relies on dynamic mining conditions in WA.

Now known as E&P Financial Group (EP1), Evans Dixon has lost 70% of its value since its listing in 2018. As part of a negotiated settlement this month, the group agreed to pay a fine of $ 7.2 million for failing to act in the best interests of clients by directing them to a related US real estate fund.tim@independentresearch.com.au

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Redistribution of 22 could prompt full list of county returning officers http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/redistribution-of-22-could-prompt-full-list-of-county-returning-officers/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 08:00:00 +0000 http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/redistribution-of-22-could-prompt-full-list-of-county-returning-officers/

Administrative Services Director Deborah Erickson gave Commissioners an overview on Tuesday, July 20 of the timeline and procedures associated with the redistribution process, a ten-year event through which new U.S. census data is used to adjust district boundaries federal congressional lines, as well as national and local lines.

County councils are responsible for redrawing the boundaries of commissioner districts within their counties to ensure equal political representation. A number of factors determine whether the lines need to be redrawn, including population growth or decline in a particular area and how the state legislature chooses to approach the redistribution of federal and state districts.

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Deborah Erickson, Director of Administrative Services for Crow Wing County

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Most towns and townships – as well as all school districts – in Crow Wing County elect representatives in general, which means everyone who lives in that jurisdiction votes for everyone on elected bodies. They might see changes in polling stations depending on whether state or federal borders change, but otherwise, they won’t need to engage in a deep redistribution.

The town of Brainerd is an exception to this rule, with council members representing different geographic areas of the town. The county commissioners also each represent a specific area of ​​the county.

Erickson said commissioners could face a tight schedule to create a redistribution plan and present it to the public, particularly amid the delayed release of data collected from the U.S. census due to COVID-19. At this point, only state-level data is available from the tally, with more granular population data expected by the end of September.

– Deborah Erickson, Director of Administrative Services

The state legislature must have completed its plans by February 15, 2022, and if they cannot come to a deal, the case must go to court, which may possibly shorten the timeline further. The redistribution of the constituencies and the city then takes place and must be completed by March 29, 2022 or within 60 days of the legislative redistribution. The county redistribution is the latest to take place, shaped by decisions made by these other bodies, and must be completed by April 26, 2022 or within 80 days of the legislative redistribution. Counties are also required to publish these changes three weeks before a public hearing.

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“You can see how tight this deadline will be since the start of the year,” Erickson said. “The biggest key thing is this legislative and congressional redistribution because nothing can happen until it does. And like many things, the county is the last piece of the puzzle. Everyone has to put their puzzles first, and then we come in and do our part with that. “

It won’t be until next spring, said Erickson – just weeks before the candidacy period for the 2022 election opens – that two county commissioners will know whether they will have to run again, two years earlier. provided that. The seats occupied by Commissioners Steve Barrows, Bill Brekken and Rosemary Franzen are already expected to appear on the 2022 ballot, but those occupied by Commissioners Paul Koering and Doug Houge were not initially slated for election until 2024.

Paul Koering

Paul Koering

Doug Hougé

Doug Hougé

Erickson said there was a chance that the commissioners would not need to make changes to the county districts, but given the population growth experienced in Crow Wing County as well as the potential changes the legislature could bring, it is more likely that things will change somewhat.

“I don’t want to hope that you will be in compliance because I think there will be adjustments to legislative lines and I think there will be adjustments to population changes that will cause you to be out of balance,” Erickson mentioned.

Redistribution considerations include tracking electoral constituency lines and making contiguous constituencies that are regular in shape and as compact as possible. The majority of districts cannot have a minority of the population – which means that the commissioner districts with the three smallest populations must combine for a majority of the county population.

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There is also a 10% rule for district populations. When the county’s most up-to-date population counts are released this fall, that number divided by five would set the average number of residents expected in each commissioner district. The actual population of these districts cannot deviate by more than 10% from this average.

For example, the 2019 population estimate places Crow Wing County at 65,055 people. Using this figure means that each commissioner district would have an average of 13,011 people and could not have more than 1,301 people above or below that number.

Diving into even more head-spinning math, commissioners are only required to stand for a new election if there is a 5% change in voters between districts. Using this same example, 650.5 people would represent 5% of the 13,011 average for each neighborhood. If the combined total of voters moved to or out of a commissioner district exceeds this 5% threshold, a special election would be required. Then, with the five commissioners on the ballot, it would have to be determined who would serve two-year terms and who would serve four-year terms to ensure that elections are staggered again in the future.

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Following the 2010 US Census, Crow Wing County made slight changes to its commissioner districts, moving the cities of Manhattan Beach and Fifty Lakes from District 2 to District 5. These changes have not triggered any news. elections.

Erickson said the next steps are for county staff to participate in self-paced training and familiarize themselves with a clipping guide from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. County officials will also begin engaging city and township leaders to discuss their timelines. Redistribution efforts are expected to cost between $ 12,000 and $ 17,000, mainly due to publication costs as well as voter notifications.

CHELSEY PERKINS can be reached at 218-855-5874 or chelsey.perkins@brainerddispatch.com. Follow on Twitter at twitter.com/DispatchChelsey.

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KakaoBank seeks to drive innovation through IPO of W2.55tr http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/kakaobank-seeks-to-drive-innovation-through-ipo-of-w2-55tr/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 05:50:00 +0000 http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/kakaobank-seeks-to-drive-innovation-through-ipo-of-w2-55tr/

KakaoBank CEO Yun Ho-young speaks during an online briefing with reporters on July 20. (KakaoBank)

South Korea’s first mobile-only bank, KakaoBank, on July 20 announced its goal of becoming the country’s # 1 retail bank in financial innovation through its market debut at the country’s senior board, Kospi, next month.

“KakaoBank has proven the business ability of a mobile app as it secured 16.15 million users (in the first quarter of this year) and went black within a year and a half (after the company was founded in 2017 ), “Yun Ho-young, managing director of KakaoBank, told reporters during an online press briefing.

“We have fostered the growth of our business by creating a synergy between banking activities and platform activities. It is a unique mechanism that other economic operators (in related fields) had never tried before.

The combined amount of transactions by users of the mobile-only commercial lender jumped 160 percent year-on-year to 79.1 trillion won ($ 68.7 billion) in the January-June period of this year. KakaoBank’s service is especially popular with people in their 20s and 30s, but the proportion of teens and people over 50 has increased four and six times, respectively, over the past four years, Yun said.

Fueled by the growing popularity, Kakao’s financial subsidiary’s net profit surged after posting its first profit in 2019. It posted net profit of 46.7 billion won in the first three months of this year, reaching quickly 40% of the previous year’s record of 113.6 billion. won, according to the company’s prospectus.

“I think the innovation is based on the high frequency of users. From this point of view, KakaoBank is the No. 1 financial platform in the country. … We will show our future growth based on a massive amount of capital after listing, ”he said, unveiling his market debut on August 6.

KakaoBank hopes to provide new financial services opportunities to users by actively using its innovative technologies, the power of its platform and the Kakao ecosystem. As part of this plan, the company seeks to extend its services to funds, insurance and wealth management.

It is also expected to introduce new products and services related to non-financial industries such as e-commerce and travel. The exclusively mobile bank emphasized its willingness to enter global markets through equity investments and form joint ventures using the proceeds of its IPO.

KakaoBank aims to raise up to 2.550 billion won from the IPO proceeds by offering approximately 65.45 million new common shares at a price range of 33,000 to 39,000 won. The exact share price will be determined after the book building process which is expected to end on July 21. The two-day retail tranche is scheduled to take place on July 26 and 27, with KB Securities and Credit Suisse Securities leading the way. subscribers.

The company’s market capitalization after listing is expected to reach nearly 18.5 trillion won. KB Financial Group’s market capitalization was 21.08 trillion won, while that of Shinhan Financial Group was 19.37 trillion won, as of the close on July 20.

Meanwhile, KakaoBank’s upcoming listing is of major importance to both the market and investors, as it is the first time in 27 years that a local financier has gone public after Kospi’s debut of the Industrial Bank of Korea in 1994.

But at the same time, the mobile-only banking valuation was also called into question as it was based on a price-to-book ratio of comparable companies, which only included foreign fintech companies such as Rocket Companies, TSC Group. Holdings and Nordnet AB.

KakaoBank CEO defended his move, saying it was difficult to define local financial players as his peer group due to its “distinctive business model” such as a contactless selling operation and its potential fundamental and differentiated growth, unlike ordinary local lenders.

By Jie Ye-eun (yeeun@heraldcorp.com)

Daimler says chip shortage could hurt 2021 sales By Reuters http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/daimler-says-chip-shortage-could-hurt-2021-sales-by-reuters/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 05:35:00 +0000 http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/daimler-says-chip-shortage-could-hurt-2021-sales-by-reuters/

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept vehicle is shown on a media day for Auto Shanghai in Shanghai, China April 19, 2021. REUTERS / Aly Song

LONDON (Reuters) – A global shortage of semiconductor chips will reduce car sales in the second half of 2021, according to automaker Mercedes-Benz Daimler AG (DE 🙂 said Wednesday, but left its profit margin outlook for the year unchanged.

Daimler (OTC 🙂 is among the major automakers that have had to cut production this year due to the shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The shortage comes as demand for cars has increased as the global economy recovers from the ravages of COVID-19, pushing up prices for new and used vehicles as inventories decline.

Second-quarter Mercedes-Benz car sales jumped 27%, with a 54% jump in Europe, Daimler’s second-largest market after China.

The company said it now expects full-year car sales to be in line with 2020 levels. Earlier, the German automaker said it expects unit sales to be in line with 2020 levels. cars this year are significantly higher than last year.

The company also confirmed on Wednesday that the group’s adjusted second-quarter profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) was 5.42 billion euros ($ 6.38 billion), with the auto and truck divisions exceeding analysts’ targets. .

Daimler released preliminary results last week.

($ 1 = € 0.8495)

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Business News | Stock market and stock market news http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/business-news-stock-market-and-stock-market-news-2/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 02:45:00 +0000 http://www.eqmusclerelease.com/business-news-stock-market-and-stock-market-news-2/

Money control

The first step in managing risk in an equity portfolio is understanding the difference between mitigating loss and optimizing risk.

How to manage risks vis-à-vis the stock market

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