White House prepares last-minute $ 27 billion spending cut plan

The Trump administration was preparing a package of $ 27.4 billion of spending cancellations to be sent to Capitol Hill, likely Wednesday, which, once sent, will temporarily suspend funds at least until the budget team of the President-elect Joe Biden sits.

The cancellation request, which allows the executive to try to cancel previously allocated funds if Congress agrees, is almost twice as large as the $ 15.2 billion cancellation request that ‘he sent to Congress in 2018. At the time, that package, which eventually got stuck in the Senate, was the largest in history.

The new package of cuts, described by sources familiar with him on condition of anonymity, is also an order of magnitude greater than the nearly $ 4 billion in spending President Donald Trump has criticized on the omnibus credit program. of fiscal year 2021 by $ 1.4 trillion.

President tweeted a video a few days before Christmas declaring that a number of articles were “unnecessary”, calling the larger package “shame”, before finally enacting it on December 27. But the president’s signing statement referred to a set of cancellations he would send to Capitol Hill, which was just finalized a week before Biden’s inauguration.

Trump’s proposed spending cuts largely target foreign aid, with $ 16 billion to $ 17 billion in cancellations of State Department and US Agency for International Development programs. That’s far more than the roughly $ 2 billion in foreign aid spending for fiscal 2021 that Trump called for in his Dec. 22 video remarks, suggesting the cuts will also target spending the previous year.

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