The criminal branch dismantles the interstate racketeering; 2 Audi, 2 Mercedes, Mini Cooper, MG Hector seized in a strip of seven

Mumbai Criminal Branch Unit 5 dismantled an interstate racketeering that engaged in the purchase of high-end cars on loan from nationalized banks and their subsequent fraudulent sale. The criminal branch has so far arrested seven defendants and seized 19 high-end cars including two Audi, 2 Mercedes, Mini Cooper, MG Hector, Toyota Fortuner, etc. The gang had been operating for two years and the involvement of bank officials could not be ruled out, police said.

Head Inspector of Unit 5 Jagdish Sahil received information that one person received two RC car logs which he never requested. When the criminal branch investigated the case, they learned it was the work of interstate racketeering.

Explaining the gang’s modus operandi, Sahil said, “The gang used to target people who needed a home loan and told them to improve their civilian score by first applying for a car loan. The gang then forged all customer documents including Pan card, Aadhar cards and bank details requested by the bank and car loan application on the forged documents.

“After buying cars, they make fake RC books of the cars and sell them across the country at a disposable price. The RC books were bought from trade portals and print the details of the cars there,” the commissioner said. Police Assistant Prakash Jadhav.

The arrested defendants are identified as Pradeep Maurya (46 years old), Dharambeer Sharma (31 years old), Mrigesh Navidhar (42 years old), Sainath Ganji (26 years old), Dilshaad Ansari (44 years old) Vijay Verma (39 years old) and Salam Khan (42 years old). The main conspirator is Maurya who previously worked in the sales department of a nationalized bank and as a result knew all about the operation while the other defendants worked at a car dealership, police said.

The gang operates in four groups, one group searches for people in need of a loan and obtains their documents while the second group manages the bank agents while the other takes care of the cars and the fourth looks for the potential buyers willing to buy high-end. cars.

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Posted on: Tuesday January 19th, 2021 19:14 IST

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