St. Louis, NFL Agree to $ 790 Million Settlement in Rams Lawsuit, Goodell Approves | Professional football


A lawsuit would have sued billions for the region of Saint-Louis, although with the risk of appeal.

Then, in the last few weeks, the pressure started to build up on the league to reach a settlement.

Kroenke frustrated his fellow team owners by expressing interest in reviewing the terms of a compensation agreement he had signed before the Rams moved. He allegedly threatened to settle his part of the case outside of his co-owners if they did not help him pay the price of a settlement.

The settlement efforts this week preceded two important dates:

• The first was a contempt of court hearing that was to decide whether several influential NFL owners had satisfied circuit judge Christopher McGraugh’s request to turn over detailed financial information for the pursuit of punitive damages against certain owners.

• The second was the scheduled start of a trial in January that would ask a St. Louis jury to decide whether Kroenke, his fellow owners and the NFL broke Missouri law by violating relocation guidelines.

Peacock, the task force member, noted that St. Louis’s work six years ago set the stage for the settlement this week.

“There were a lot of people who jumped out on the water and fought hard for St. Louis,” said Peacock, who was not paid for his work on the task force Wednesday. “When we were working on it, we thought we were either going to keep our team here – until voting day, and it happened the other way around – or that there would be some recourse given the time and pressure. done we did everything we were asked to do.


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