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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Sientra, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIEN) (“Sientra” or the “Company”), a medical esthetics company focused solely on plastic surgeons, today announced hui the appointment of Denise Dajles as vice president of research and development, effective today. In this new role, Ms. Dajles will report to CEO Ron Menezes and lead Sientra’s R&D and medical affairs teams.

“We are delighted to welcome Denise to the Sientra leadership team,” said Ron Menezes, President and CEO of Sientra. “With her considerable technical and international expertise, Denise is uniquely positioned to lead our R&D organization as we pursue our goal of being the leader in bringing to market treatments and processing technologies that advance the art of plastic surgery. I have no doubts that Denise will provide the leadership and strategic direction to enable us to advance our development of proprietary innovations that improve the way plastic surgeons care for their patients. “

Most recently, Ms. Dajles served as Senior Director of Research, Development and Innovation heading the Science and Technology Department at Establishment Labs. In this role, she was responsible for the successful execution of more than ten new product and technology projects, which includes multiple regulatory approvals for commercialization in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, as well than the direction of in-depth scientific research. Previously, Ms. Dajles was a consultant, researcher and acting director of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Costa Rica.

“Sientra’s unparalleled clinical data over 10 years provides an ideal platform for advancing the art of plastic surgery that combines innovation with clinically proven safety. I was immediately impressed with Sientra’s team, culture, board and drive for innovation, ”said Ms. Dajles. “I am delighted to join one of the fastest growing aesthetic medicine companies. I look forward to working with the R&D team and contributing to the long term growth of the company. “

Ms. Dajles holds a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Washington, St. Louis, and is expected to receive a PhD in Engineering from George Washington University, Washington DC in 2022. She is co-author of several publications. in peer-reviewed journals and is a named inventor on a number of technologies.

About Sientra
Based in Santa Barbara, California, Sientra is a medical aesthetics company focused solely on plastic surgeons. The Company’s mission is to deliver exclusive innovations and unprecedented partnerships that radically advance the way plastic surgeons think, work and care for their patients. Sientra has developed a broad portfolio of products with technologically differentiated characteristics, supported by independent laboratory tests and strong clinical trial results. The Company’s Breast Products segment includes its Sientra round and shaped breast implants, the first fifth generation breast implants approved by the FDA for sale in the United States, its revolutionary Allox2® breast tissue expander with patented dual port technology and for full drainage, and BIOCORNEUM®, the # 1 high-performance healing gel, preferred and recommended by plastic surgeons


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