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BAXTER – Owen Baird won the men’s 16k classic race in 49:59 on Sunday, January 30 during the Lumberjack Jaunt at the Northland Arboretum.

Molly Weyrens was the best woman in the classic 16K in 1:08.11. In the 16K state, Tom Lyscio won the men’s race in 43:08 and Mari Hardel won the women’s race in 45:15.

Liliana Schaeffer was the top woman in the 6K skating race in 17:35 and Joseph Neumann was the top man in 17:13.

Annelise Baird ran the classic 6K in 22:09 for first place in the women’s race and Pedro Pesta finished in 23:28 for first place in the men’s race.

Sebastian Frie and Leah Anderson won the 1K Kids Race and William McKeon and Clare Lundy won the 2K Kids Race.

6K Skating: 1-Joseph Neumann 17:13, 2-Owen Robertson 17:37, 3-Alex Lelwica 17:39

6K Classic: 1-Pedro Pesta 23:28, 2-Eugene Champeau 39:59, 3-Neil Bratney 44:24

16K Skating: 1-Tom Lyscio 43:08, 2-Brandon Moscho 47:01, 3-Chris Hanson 47:34

16K Classic: 1-Owen Baird 49:59, 2-Andy Dombeck 58:22, 3-Michael Meehlhause 58:48

6K Skating: 1-Liliana Schaeffer 17:35, 2-Kaitlin Bakker 23:06, 3-Sophie Lundy 23:10

Classic 6K: 1-Annelise Baird 22:09, 2-Gabriella Brathney 33:40, 3-Jenny Lanin Dale 34:39

16K Skating: 1-Mari Hardel 45:15, 2-Hanna Moscho 51:22, 3-Katie Houg 54:35

16K Classic: 1-Molly Weyrens 1:08.11, 2-Chandra Bouma 1:12.59, 3-Heather Baird 1:14.37

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