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HENDERSON – Community Cleanup Day in Henderson wrapped up the two-week fall garbage sweep sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

In addition to cleaner streets, the results are counted in the number of pounds of trash collected. DOT reported that its crews, contractors and volunteers have collected more than 10 million pounds of trash from state roadsides.

Of that amount, nearly £ 1.5 million was collected in DOT Highway 5, which includes Wake, Durham, Franklin, Person, Granville, Vance and Warren counties.

The Tri-County region contributed just under 300,000 pounds to the division’s total.

The fall garbage sweep took place September 11-25. Henderson has scheduled his community clean-up day on September 25, to top off the local garbage sweep.

The local effort has also picked up geographically where the state effort left off. DOT focused on state-maintained roads, while the community clean-up company focused on local thoroughfares.

Tracey Kimbrell, executive assistant to Henderson City Manager Terrell Blackmon, said about 65 people were involved in the Henderson clean-up effort, including staff from all city departments and a certain number of community organizations.

Precise figures on how much waste was collected were not available, but Kimbrell estimated the total to be lower than in previous years. But that’s good news in a way, because “there wasn’t as much waste as before,” she said.

Downtown Development Commission Director Tracy Madigan said she and DDC’s Bonnie Strange participated. She added that members of the Henderson Police and Fire Department picked up trash on Garnett Street. Members of the Henderson Rotary Club, Greg Etheridge and Bob Nelson, worked the downtown side streets.

Marty Homan, a spokesperson for DOT, said the Fall Litter Sweep was a coordinated effort that included the Adopt-A-Highway program with its 120,000 participants, contracted waste disposal companies, DOT forces and volunteers.

A press release from the Ministry of Transport noted the success of the waste control efforts.

“The amount of garbage collected so far this year is truly astounding,” said Division 5 engineer Brandon Jones. “I’m glad our roads look cleaner and I’m grateful to the community for joining the effort, but the trash shouldn’t be there in the first place. We need everyone to do their part – secure your cargo every time and never throw out trash. “


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