Inaugural address continues into day two as Biden continues to list the biggest issues facing the nation

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“Child poverty, infrastructure, cyber warfare, forest fires, opioids,” added the president. “Immigration, unemployment, relocation, firearms”.

WASHINGTON — Continuing breathlessly with no sign of an imminent stop, President Joe Biden’s inaugural address continued on Thursday to day two as he continued to list the biggest problems facing the nation. “Child poverty, crumbling infrastructure, cyber warfare, forest fires, opioids, domestic violence, hunger and homelessness plague our country, not to mention sex trafficking, automation, hurricanes, obesity and misinformation, “said Biden, who gripped the podium with both hands exhausted as his speech at the nation spanned its 26e hour, continuing to list immigration, unemployment, offshoring, guns, the wage gap and water contamination as some of the thousands of challenges that lie ahead. “Gerrymandering, the decline of manufacturing, sexual harassment and the food deserts. Chlamydia, cost of insulin, privatization of water, credit card debt, dog fighting, and teen alcohol use. High murder rates on native reserves, rising sea levels and smog. Low teacher salaries, E. coli, data breaches, voter suppression, animal testing, and PTSD. Plus, you can’t forget the student loan crisis, lobster overfishing, Senate structural inequalities, foreclosures, the loneliness epidemic, toddlers. deaths from drowning, cyberbullying and suicide. As of press time, Biden had continued to speak out against gang violence, robocalls and asthma as paramedics transported the dehydrated president in an ambulance.

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