How Arizona’s doctor shortage is affecting the real estate market


The Honorable Joanne Osborne of the Arizona House of Representatives recently said Arizona ranks 42sd in the country for acute primary care physicians, with only 77.9 physicians per 100,000 population. At this rate, the state is only meeting an estimated 44% of our primary physician needs. The physician shortage is also spreading nationwide, with the United States to face shortage of up to 139,000 physicians in just over a decade.

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Dr Bruce Levin is a physician and RE / MAX Fine Properties agent.

Because Arizona – and Maricopa County in particular – has an unusually low number of medical schools for its growing population, the state lacks local talent, so it attracts and recruits doctors from across the country. As lawmakers strive to address this physician shortage by planning to build and fund more medical schools, expand existing programs, and add residency positions, it is likely that we will continue to see many doctors move to Arizona to help meet the growing demand for doctors.

I experienced this as a physician who moved to Arizona from the Philadelphia area in 2003. This, along with my work as a real estate agent, allowed me to understand the unique needs of healthcare professionals. coming into the state.

Residential needs can be met by an agent who knows what doctors need in a home – especially now with the increase in telemedicine and the need for a well-equipped home office.

Other important considerations for incoming physicians include the need for a prime home location close enough to reach emergency rooms, hospitals, and the office for convenient and high-quality care, as well as good schools for their children, privacy away from the office, and other demands of physicians and their families.

Knowing what kind of office space a doctor needs is also essential. I partner with sales agents in my office to find suitable office space to meet the needs of each physician while considering key factors such as the size and number of treatment rooms, waiting room, ADA requirements and space needed for large equipment. I also work closely with lenders specializing in medical and dental loans.

Dr Bruce Levin is a physician and RE / MAX Fine Properties agent. Hospital recruiting departments, new out-of-state physicians, or even Arizona physicians looking to expand, relocate, or move to a better location are encouraged to contact Dr. Levin at RE. / MAX Fine Properties at 602-614-2767 or [email protected]


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