Flash, Estate, WWE, AHS & More! Daily BCTV Dispatch September 19, 21


Say you will remember me standing in a pretty dress. Watching the sunset, baby. Red lips and rosy cheeks. Say you’ll see me again. Even if it’s right in your … Daily BCTV dispatch! With much love and respect for Taylor Swift and “Wildest Dreams” (watch video below), this is BCTV’s “big tent” on what we’ve been up to in the last 24 hours that you might have missed or would like to see again . We talk about everything from news and reviews to interviews and opinion pieces, all for your TV-obsessed pleasure. Today’s list of news and opinions includes Supernatural Star Misha collins celebrating a birthday, a double dose of AMC The walking dead, FX American Horror Story: Double Feature Film preview the finale of “Red Tide”, FX on Hulu’s Y: The last man shows that Yorick cannot follow orders, those of FXX It’s always nice in Philadelphia heads to the woods for season 15, STARZ Heels exhibits Mick foley, LeVar Burtonit’s over with Danger!, HBO Succession going “full fucking beast”, WWE must answer for “The Plane Ride From Hell”, John Wesley Shipp discusses comeback for The CW’s Flash, DC FanDome pays homage to Batman and WWE Mayor Kane lives in a fantasy world. We follow this up with our reviews of AEW Rampage, WWE SmackDown, Shore of Floribama, Double blow to love, and Brooklyn nine-nine.

Images: WWE (screencap) / Succession (HBO) / The Flash (The CW) / Supernatural (The CW) / It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX Networks) / Jeopardy! -Levar Burton (screencap) / Heels (STARZ) / American Horror story: dual functionality (screenshot)

Here is a look at the articles from BCTV Daily Dispatch for Sunday, September 19, 2021:

Supernatural star Misha Collins pays tribute to Castiel’s debut anniversary

The Walking Dead S11E05 preview: the Commonwealth has 4 new residents

American Horror Story: DF finale “Red Tide”: The final act is written

Y: The Last Man Season 1 Preview E04: Yorick’s Ugly at Taking Orders

It’s still sunny in Philadelphia S15: The gang is heading for the woods?

Heels Season 1: New ‘House Show’ preview, Mick Foley Image released

LeVar Burton is not interested in Jeopardy! Sloppy seconds

Succession Season 3 Trailer: Logan’s Ready to Go “Full F *** ing Beast”

The Walking Dead: JDM Wants Andrew Lincoln Back & More; S11E05 Preview

WWE & “The Plane Ride From Hell”: When The Joke Ceases To Be Funny

The Flash: John Wesley Shipp on the Arrowverse Return; Armageddon preview

DC FanDome Fridays: Global Fan Event Honors Dark Knight on Batman Day

WWE Mayor Kane defies authority and will not comply with vaccination mandate

BCTV Daily Dispatch Sep 19, 21: The Flash, Succession, WWE, AHS & Suite
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Now here’s a look at the BCTV Daily Dispatch reviews on TNT AEW Rampage, FOX WWE SmackDown, MTV Floribama shore & Double blow to love, and NBC Brooklyn nine-nine:

Everything the Chadster Hated About AEW Rampage 9/17/2021

WWE SmackDown 09/17/2021: Homecoming for Bianca Belair, Mayor Kane

Floribama Shore Season 4 Episode 14: You Never Go Complete Uncle Jesse

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Final Review: Epic Finish Saves A Dull Season

Double Shot at Love Season 3 E01 Review: What’s Wrong with Vinny?

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