Experts urge New Zealand small businesses to take cybersecurity seriously

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“Only 6% of Kiwi businesses have adequate protection,” Brown told media outlet Make Lemonade NZ. “On average, companies take about 197 days to identify and 69 days to contain a violation, according to IBM. [And] New Zealand has a high concentration of smartphone adoption, which could make businesses and organizations more vulnerable. “

And according to Brown, the global COVID-19 pandemic has offered cybercriminals even more fertile ground to execute their scams.

“We need to strengthen protection against attacks, bearing in mind that over 90% of New Zealand businesses are small businesses,” Brown said. “New Zealand is not immune to major cyber attacks that could affect the economy and livelihoods as a nation. We need to understand the nature of cyber threats and the main issues facing government and the private sector. “

A recent survey of small businesses by the Government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ) found that only 38% of respondents believe their business is adequately investing in cybersecurity, and only 34 % think their business has thought and planned a lot. cybersecure.

And alarmingly, just under half of those surveyed have processes in place to prevent a cyberattack.

Jonathon Berry, consulting partner at cybersecurity company InPhySec, said there are several basic steps small businesses can take to protect their digital information.

“Cyber ​​security isn’t necessarily an expensive proposition,” Berry told Make Lemonade. “Outsourcing to a managed security service offers a high level of protection at a reasonable cost. Prevention is certainly much more cost effective and much less stressful than having to respond to a violation or compromise.

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