Engineer in Auckland, New Zealand – Money Diary

Occupation: Engineer
Industry: HE
Age: 26
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Salary: $ 54,000
Net value : $ 24,000 ($ 18,000 in retirement, $ 2,0,500 in savings, $ 1,650 in passive equity funds, less debt. My boyfriend (now C.) and I have a joint account that we use for pay rent / bills / groceries / shared entertainment, but otherwise have separate finances.)
Debt: ~ $ 16,000 student loan, nothing else.
Paycheck amount (1x / month): $ 2,898
Pronouns: she she

Monthly expenses
Rental: $ 717 (C. and I are renting a one bedroom apartment)
Student loan: $ 381 (this comes with taxes, not my take-home pay)
Power: ~ $ 35 (my half) in summer, ~ $ 70 in winter
The water: ~ $ 14 (my other half)
Internet with Prime Video: $ 30.60 (my half)
Content assurance: $ 13.35 (my half)
Kiwisaver: $ 223.20 (this is New Zealand’s retirement savings program, and it’s also paid with taxes)
Health / life insurance: $ 0 (labor pays)
Cellphone: $ 11.52
Subscriptions: $ 36 (Netflix, Living big in a small house Patreon, two New Zealand newspapers / magazines and an online text browser game)
Donations: $ 32 (split between Amnesty International and Auckland City Mission)
Spotify Premium: $ 0 (parents’ family package)
Savings: I put $ 792 into my savings account when I get paid (this is a round number in NZD) and will fund in smaller amounts throughout the month if I am under my budget.

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