Dispatch Games sends digital codes as customers wait for delayed physical orders

The saga of Dispatch Games – arguably the most ironically named publisher in the gaming industry – continues. If you’re unfamiliar with this long, sad story of radio silence, apologies and broken promises, in all fairness we recommend you steer clear. It’s not a pretty picture.

As a brief reminder, the western publisher of games such as Psyvariar Delta, Soldam, Game Tengoku (in physical form), Radirgy Swag and others have struggled to honor preorders for a long time now. We released a feature in March 2020 documenting the disappointment at this point and telling frustrated customers about the company’s lack of communication.

Promises to maintain a weekly social media update were made and then broken, and Dispatch teased ads inappropriately before disappearing again. It recently reached a point where RS34, the developer of Radirgy Swag, was also in the dark where the game had come after Dispatch accepted the game’s pre-orders. two years before:

So, after Dispatch apparently locked down all of the previous tweets, here we are again with the latest in its long line of apologies. The big news is that Game Paradise, Radirgy Swag and Rail sim are apparently still on the way and as part of its refurbishment apology, Dispatch intends to provide all pre-order customers with a digital code for their games while they wait for the physical copies (which will also ship with an additional “bonus” Style).

Here is the full statement, which we received by email:

We would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for the lack of communication and the frustration we have caused as a result. It was never our intention to act in this way and we understand the concern people have felt and strive to directly address those concerns.

Support processed refunds for those who definitely requested them. These are complete.

Support is also handling address updates and inquiries now. These are in progress.

We are not going away as a business and all products are being shipped. More details will be forthcoming, but here are a few we can share today:

It will be Game Paradise, Radirgy Swag, and Rail Sim that will be released in that order. Firm dates will be announced shortly.

As part of our apologies, all customers who have waited patiently and kept their orders with us will receive a digital code for the game so you can start enjoying your product before the physical arrives to you.

Game Paradise digital codes are being processed and we plan to send them to customers as soon as they are ready.

Radirgy Swag and Rail Sim digital codes – we will make announcements as soon as they are available.

All Limited Edition customers will receive an additional bonus item. Game Paradise LE will be accompanied by a brand new poster. Radirgy Swag LE will be delivered with a cap. The Rail Sim LE bonus will be announced shortly.

We are committed to earning your trust and we are focused on improving our communication.

News of the arrival of free digital copies could help restore confidence to those who have waited so long, but until these codes arrive and are redeemed, Dispatch is understandably hard to believe after so many broken promises.

Hopefully this marks a turning point in the company’s approach – given past evidence, however, we’ll believe it when we see it.

Are you expecting pre-orders from Dispatch Games? Let us know your thoughts and if this apology and compensation improves the position of the company in your eyes.

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