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Idaho County Sheriff’s Workplace Dispatch Journal

Rock slide Hwy 95 MP 212 / No Report; Welfare verify Hwy 95 MP 236 / No Report; Medical Hwy 13 MP 2; Tree down Poplar Dr & Mt Idaho Grade Rd / Transferred to Freeway Division; Neighbor’s report taking pictures Ridgewood Dr / Report taken; VIN Reservoir Rd; Kirkwood Ranch Canine Assault Report / Report Taken; Horses on the Hwy 95 MP 239 highway; Medical Lilac Ln; Psychological Issues Bucks Blvd / Report Taken;

Tree descending throughout Kidder Ridge Rd / Transferred to Highway Dept; Wind report flattening the porta-pot Hwy 12 MP 74 / No Report; Deserted car Hwy 13 MP 5.8; VIN Pink Rock Rd; Canine chew Essential St / No Report; GPD threatening W Essential St; Medical EN seventh St; Medical W South St; Free vary canine WN sixth St; Fraud W Essential St; Free vary canine W North St; CPD St Joes medical switch; Pine St Wing Bender;

Gun theft Mill Rd / No Report; Vandalism Prairie Rd / No report; Trespassing on Elk Haven Circle / No report; Property Recovered East Rd / Report Established; Medical W Essential St; Dumpster hearth Keuterville Rd; Kooskia / Elk Metropolis Prowler Thorn Springs Rd; VIN Riverview Dr; VIN Hwy 12 MP 68; Deserted car Essential St Stites; Suspicious exercise Crane Hill Rd / No report; Managed burning, uncontrolled, Bridge St Harpster; GPD parking drawback W Essential St; Medical WN 2nd St; Welfare verify E Essential St; Medical North A St; Stroll E Essential St;

Property discovered W Essential St; Seven Devils Rd Welfare Audit / No report; Careless driving Hwy 95 MP 223 / No Report; WINE WS 1st St; Assault McDonald Rd / report taken;

Housebreaking Hwy 12 MP 69 / Report taken; Demise Hwy 14 / Report Taken; Medical Swarthout Rd; Theft Elk Creek Rd / Report taken; Report of doable violation of safety order, resulted in arrest of 32-year-old Stites man for contempt of courtroom Essential St; 911 hangs up, telephone faulty, Quail Ln / No Report; GPD Free Canines Lincoln Ave; Demise Suicide N Junction; Medical EN sixth St; Citizen Help W South 1st St; Attainable Assault N Myrtle; Risk of South E St; CPD St Joes medical switch;

Cows on the Hwy 95 MP 219 highway; Paradise Rd Canine Chew / Report taken; Trespassing Heath Dr / No Report; Sheep on freeway 95 MP 215 / No report; Fireplace Saddle Ridge Highway; Trespassing on McDonald Highway / No report; Handicapped car Hwy 13 MP 2 / No Report; Managed, probably uncontrollable, burning, freeway 95 MP 181; Burn Managed, Out of Management, Hidden Springs Circle; Medical River St White Hen; Quote and Launch 53 12 months Outdated Male Stites for DUI W Essential St; Trafficking ensuing within the summons and launch of a 33-year-old Lebanon OR male for possession of paraphernalia

Property discovered Sweeney Hill Rd; Medical Glenwood Rd; Risk S Entrance Rd / No report; Glenwood Rd / No Report Welfare Audit; Vicious canine Hwy 12 MP 71 / No Report; Demise Lukes Gulch Rd / Report taken; Canine looking deer Harpster / Transferred to Fish & Sport; Citizen litigation Nezperce St / No Report; Medical Essential St Elk Metropolis; Managed burn that received out of hand Large Cedar Rd; Hwy intoxication

12 / No report; Medical Entrance St; GPD Cunningham & N Idaho Harm Free Wing Bender; Medical N Florence; VIN Hwy 13; Welfare verify EN 2nd St; Try and find the Grangeville space; Business Alarm E Essential St; Medical WN sixth St; Medical N State St;

Physician Georgianna Dr; Rental situation N Essential St Riggins / No Report; Getta Creek Citizen Litigation / No report; Neighbor dispute over canine Jefferson Dr / No Report; Report of gravel truck dropping gravel on freeway 95 MP 230 / transferred to FAI; Deserted car Essential St Riggins;

Parking drawback Esther & Essential St / No Report; Lifeless deer to be eliminated Hemlock Rd / transferred to Fish & Sport; Fireplace Woodland Highway; Gun misplaced, Sears Creek Highway / report taken; Burning Tree Sally Ann Rd; Car Accident with Harm, Nelson Highway / No report; Trespassing Woodland Rd / Report taken; Medical Crane Hill Rd; Burning tree Trenary Rd; Assisted company Ap-paloosa Dr / No Report; Medical West St; Prowler Thornsprings Rd / No report; Medical Weed-Mark Method; GPD Medical W South St; Home battle N Faculty St; Medical N State St; Suspicious exercise W North third St; Canine on the unfastened Hill St; Social Welfare Management South E St; Citizen litigation within the Grangeville space / No report; CPD Company helps Lewiston St; Saturday April 3 Grangeville / Riggins Injured deer to be shipped Fuzi Rd / transferred to Fish & Sport; Property discovered Grangeville Salmon Rd / No Report; Idaho County Welfare Audit / No report; Stolen Property Recovered Deerwood Dr / Report Taken; Citizen Support Essential St Riggins / Unable to find; Civil standby McDonald Rd; Reckless driving on freeway 95 MP 222 / No report;

Nation courtroom welfare verify / no report; Riggins Assault Zone / No report; Contact with a citizen resulted in a Felon in possession of a gun, 37, man from Grangeville, McDonald Rd; Uncared for Cat Cemetery Rd / No report;

Suspicious objects discovered Esther St / Report Taken; Medical Battle Ridge Rd; Elk Metropolis Space Hunt / No Report; VIN Crane Hill Rd; Threatening / ready toll highway; Risk from Swarthout Rd / No report; Psychological issues Hwy 13 / No Report; Loud music Esther St / No Report; GPD Medical WN 2nd St; DPC North St welfare verify; St Joes medical switch;

Deserted car Hwy 95 MP 190.5; Deserted car Essential St Riggins; Welfare verify Nation Court docket Dr / No Report; Reckless driving on freeway 95 MP 230 / Transferred to FAI; Managed burn that received out of hand Ponderosa Ridge Ln; Abandonment of animals leading to trespassing on Cemetery Highway / No report; Electrical pole on Fireplace Graves Creek Rd; Report of uncared for horses Keuterville Rd / Pending; Threatening Outdated Pollock Rd / Ready; Attainable DUI Hwy 95 MP 271 / Transferred to ISP; Essential St Riggins Home Dispute / Report Taken;

Suspicious exercise Large Cedar Rd / No report; Free vary canine Ridgewood Dr / No Report; A car accident with out damage on the highway 12 MP 77 / report taken; Quotation and launch of a 61 yr outdated male Kamiah for DWP Caribel Rd; Car vandalism N Depot St / Report Taken; Car Theft Dike St / No Report; GPD Medical WN 2nd St; Suspect E North 2nd St; 911 hangups within the Grangeville sector.

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