DeFi meets GameFi as Hashflow announces gamified governance

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hash stream merges the futuristic worlds of DeFi and GameFi with the launch of The hashverse, an NFT-powered, story-based DAO. This innovative new ecosystem will mark Hashflow as the first gamified DEX governance platform, establishing its prowess and growth as one of the top 10 decentralized exchanges on the market.

The storyverse, offering an array of worlds and characters, is being created in tandem with Hollywood’s leading creative agency Superconductor. Set in a dystopian world with centuries-old conflicts, futuristic cities, and cutting-edge technology, the Hashverse is designed to combine the best features of player-based gaming with an easy-to-use decentralized governance platform.

“We are honored to infuse our innovative creative spirit into the ever-expanding Hashflow universe,” said Todd Makurath, Founder and President of Superconductor. “The Hashverse is the first of its kind, rapidly shaping the definition of entertainment and gaming within Web3 and beyond. It also stands alongside the pioneering work our agency produces day in and day out. We look forward to revealing more stories as users work to grow the platform.

The Hashverse works by granting users the ability to stake tokens, complete quests, and earn experience points (XP) and digital rewards while shaping the future of the protocol through a vote-locked token model. (veHFT). This currency serves as a voting power represented by a health bar, which means that the more tokens a user stakes for a longer duration, the more influence they will wield within the DAO. But whatever the stakes, the Hashverse is designed for all users to rise through the ranks and forge the destiny of Hashflow – all in an immersive and playful world designed to catalyze an experience never before brought to a DEX.

In-game items such as base characters and loot items will be represented by NFTs, which participants can earn and trade. Collecting NFTs will allow users to upgrade characters, unlock new quests, and increase their XP while earning additional Hashflow Tokens (HFTs).

“We are thrilled to have our users immersing themselves in Hashverse, which builds on our goal to revolutionize the Hashflow user experience,” said Varun Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Hashflow. “We want to change the existing paradigm that governance is boring. The Hashverse is designed to make governance an exciting, inclusive, and rewarding experience that anyone can participate in.

The Hashverse is expected to launch in the coming months. By bringing together all the elements of Web3, The Hashverse will bring a visually stunning and immersive experience to DeFi that will take game enthusiasts and fans on a unique journey through space and time.

About hash stream

Hashflow is a decentralized exchange designed for interoperability, zero slippage, and MEV-protected transactions. Founded in San Francisco in 2019 by Varun Kumar, Hashflow connects institutional market makers directly to traders using a request for quotes model (RFQ), rather than automated market makers (AMM). In turn, merchants and liquidity providers gain access to improved efficiency, security, and products previously not possible in DeFi.

Visit the Hash stream website for more information.

About the Superconductor

Superconductor believes our customers deserve stories as good as Hollywood’s finest entertainment. Our founders, The Russo Brothers and Justin Lin, have grossed over $9 billion at the box office on films including Avengers: End Game, Infinity War, Captain America Winter Soldier, the Fast & Furious franchise, and Star Trek Beyond. Our executive team has worked on some of the most iconic advertising and marketing of the past 20 years.

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