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The estates of two South Carolina women who drowned while locked in the back of a sheriff’s department van during Hurricane Florence have filed lawsuits alleging negligence of a company that created policies and procedures for law enforcement.

The lawsuits were filed last week in Horry County by representatives for Nicolette Green, 43, and Wendy Newton, 45, against Moseley Architects, which consults with law enforcement agencies and develops policy and procedures.

Two MPs were driving the women to a mental health facility under a court order in September 2018 when their van was washed away by rising waters as Hurricane Florence flooded South Carolina.

Many roads in the northeastern state were flooded and blocked in the days following the powerful storm, which hit the southeast coast on September 14 and triggered severe flooding as it would stop over the Carolinas for days.

On September 18, MPs, in a marked Sheriff’s Department vehicle, were waved through a barricade near the Little Pee Dee River by National Guards tasked with removing motorists from the area, authorities said. As the waters swirled around the van, the two MPs were unable to free the women, who were locked in a compartment in the back, officials said.

Rescue teams took about 45 minutes to find the van, which was underwater at the time, and ripped Horry County MPs from the roof, authorities said.

According to the lawsuits, the deputies “were acting in accordance with the policies and procedures created by” the consultancy firm on the night the women were taken. Their deaths were the culmination of a series of failures, such as MPs not being able to provide their locations to first responders, or to maintain “equipment, training, practice, procedure and the protocol for carrying out a safe transport “, according to the costume.

Specifically, the department “had no policy on mental health patients and their transportation” and “maintained insufficient policies, procedures and training for the routine law enforcement function,” reads. one in the pursuits.

Moseley representatives did not immediately return an email requesting comment on Monday.

Fired from the Horry County Sheriff’s Office a month after the deaths as part of an internal investigation, the two police officers who drive the women also face criminal charges, including reckless manslaughter and manslaughter. Their trial is expected later this year.


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