Canadian company plans to expand employment at Binghamton plant


BINGHAMTON — Thanks to an infusion of cash from investors, CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions of Canada is retooling its Binghamton plant to better match the industries it serves and will create new jobs in the process.

The company opened the Binghamton site in 2006 and has primarily done work for the semiconductor industry, says Jarrod Connolly, director of program management for the Quebec-based company.

“Over the past few years, we’ve started to retool Binghamton a bit,” he says. Nowadays, the factory mainly serves the energy storage container market. “We have made significant investments in some equipment.”

This new equipment includes a large new form factor production line for large format machining and weld-on construction of energy storage containers at the 250,000 square foot facility at 90 Bevier St. CMP is also investing in new automated technology.

With the strong growth in the energy storage market, CMP is growing rapidly, says Connolly. The company will add between 75 and 150 employees over the next three to five years, he says. The factory currently employs 140 people.

“As we grow, there will definitely be opportunities in all sections of the business,” says Connolly. To fill these positions, CMP’s human resources department is developing a recruitment strategy. He expects the strategy to include traditional job listings, as well as efforts such as job fairs and meetings with area schools and colleges.

Positions include welders, assemblers, programmers, engineers and material handlers. “We try to develop each of our employees,” notes Connolly. The company works with each employee to create a career development path that includes cross-training and cross-functionality. That way, he says, the employee gains skills and the company adds valuable employees who can fill a variety of roles. While the primary market is energy storage, CMP also supports the capital goods, security and light rail markets from its Binghamton facility.

CMP funding for the upgrades comes from a new partnership with the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, which recently became a minority shareholder in the company. The Quebec investment company has 734,580 shareholders and is involved in efforts to contribute to the development of a green economy. It has $18.3 billion in assets and has invested in more than 3,400 companies.

“It gives us the resources to invest in technology to re-equip our plants,” says Connolly of the deal with the Fonds de solidarité FTQ. CMP did not disclose the terms of the investment, and Connolly did not say how much his company is spending in Binghamton.

CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions also plans to open a zero-carbon factory near Quebec City by 2024. The company’s master plan for the future is to support an environmentally friendly manufacturing model.

The company focuses on manufacturing for what it calls “disruptive industries” that drive innovation – energy storage, warehouse automation, security, light rail and transportation. CMP designs, engineers and manufactures mechanical, sheet metal and machined systems and enclosures for these markets. Between its two manufacturing plants, CMP employs 650 people.

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