Buckeyes need to be more respectful, and more: Letters to the sportswriter

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On Ohio State football: ‘Remote’ players, ‘boring’ offense, views of Ohio stadium seats

To Brian: I would suggest to Ryan Day or any manager whose team walks through the fans to the stadium that for that brief amount of time the players don’t wear those helmets and actually engage with the fans, if only only through eye contact and a smile. Anyone paying NIL money would probably prefer that too. Aloof is just a bad look.

Dennis Singleton, Dayton

October 1, 2022;  Columbus, Ohio, USA;  Ohio State Buckeyes running back Miyan Williams (3) runs past Rutgers Scarlet Knights defensive back Avery Young (2) on the run in the third quarter of the NCAA Division I football game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Ohio Stadium.

For the editor: OSU’s athleticism cannot be matched when on display. This is certainly attributed to the professional sense of Ryan Day. But against a team like Rutgers, there seem to have been times when our offense didn’t look too sharp or even boring, like the long streak before halftime. I think the creativity is lacking despite the power and finesse of the attack: a sweep, a backhand, a draw, at least something simple to add a twist. It was the game to try this or that – new games they will need in the future against better opponents.

Without creativity, I don’t think they’ll go too far beyond lopsided scoring against conference no-shows. Gears sometimes need fresh oil. There is still talent to display.

Larry Cheek, Dublin

To Larry: Rutgers’ decision to play what was mostly pass defense didn’t allow for much creativity. So, it was Miyan Williams’ kind of night. Also, there’s a chance that Day doesn’t want to show much in easy wins, preferring to throw those plays when they’re needed.

An aerial view of Ohio Stadium taken on June 17, 2020.

For the editor: We had seats in section 3B row 12 for Saturday’s game against Rutgers. The view and weather protection at this location are excellent…almost! The whole pitch is seen, but without the benefit of any game information. Time clock – low and distance – quarter etc., all of those visible things available to the other 98% of the participants cannot be seen from those seats . The score and some TV feeds are somewhat displayed on tiny, barely visible vintage 1980s TV screens near the edge of the overhang.

My God. You would think that with the price of tickets, refreshments and parking and a multi-million dollar football program, there would be at least one decent sized video display of current technology in these sections. Go on. Let’s do something for the fans.

Cindijo Hallquist

For the editor: We are OSU alumni who only watch OSU games. The first game of the season was televised on channel 6 and we couldn’t hear the announcers over the band and the noise of the crowd. Very frustrating. The next game was televised on Fox 28 and, glory be, we could hear the announcers just fine. “Good”, we thought. “Problem solved.” The next game was again on Channel 6 and the same problems with the announcers. Why can’t this problem be solved? Now another game is coming to channel 6, so I really, really hope someone takes these complaints seriously and fixes it!

Rita Krasny

Michigan State coach Mel Tucker watches the field during the first half of MSU's 27-13 loss on Saturday October 1, 2022 in College Park, Maryland.

On college football

Dear Mr White: Meanwhile, elsewhere in college football: With five (and counting) Power Five schools deciding the head coach must leave now, I’ve heard estimates that $300 million in “dead money” is being paid to previously coveted coaches (Scott Frost, Herm Edwards) to leave. I can see that number going up if, say, the State of Michigan ever succumbs to buyer’s remorse and decides $95 million over 10 years because Mel Tucker was misguided. Then we learn that players from non-Power Five schools choose to sit out the rest of the season, preserve some eligibility, and then enter the transfer portal in search of NIL riches. Better buy a program to see who is #64 this week. On a happy note, on Saturday I saw that Jake Butt was part of the studio game team at Big Ten Network. Butt, you’ll recall, is the star tight end for Pickerington North and Michigan who sadly became the poster child for the WGPSNPIMBG syndrome (“Why Good Players Shouldn’t Participate in Meaningless Bowl Games”) when he blew his knee in a forgettable bowl, derailing a promising pro career in Denver. Good luck to a guy who deserves a break.

Jon Armstrong, Christopher Columbus

To Jon: To everyone who ripped Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson for not playing the Rose Bowl, see Jake Butt.

New York Yankees judge Aaron chases a solo home run, his 62nd of the season, as Texas Rangers catcher Sam Huff, left, and umpire Randy Rosenberg, rear, watch the first inning the second baseball game of a doubleheader.  in Arlington, Texas on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022. With the home run, Judge set the AL record for home runs in a season, passing Roger Maris.  (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

On Judge Aaron

For the editor: Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees broke Roger Maris’ home run record by hitting his 62nd home run of the season against the Rangers. I think he will break Barry Bonds’ record for most homers in a season next year. I also think he will be Sports Illustrated’s 2022 Sportsman of the Year. Congratulations, Aaron Judge.

Paul Bacon, Hallandale Beach, Florida.

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