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WILLMAR – Thomas Ruhl and Cade Rosenwald were both double winners for the Brainerd Warriors who defeated the Willmar Cardinals ?-? Thursday, Jan. 20, to go undefeated in the Central Lakes Conference and overall.

Ruhl won the 50 yard freestyle and the 100 backstroke. Rosenwald’s victories came in butterfly and breaststroke.

Cade Rosenwald

Mason Kuepers (200 free), Parker Tatge (100 free) and Sam Mattson (500 free) were also the winners.

The Warriors scored a 1-2-3 sweep in the butterfly as Mason Kuepers trailed Rosenwald and Lance Zemke was third. Brainerd scored a sweep in the 500m with Logan Kuepers past Mattson and Kyler Carlson coming in third.

Ethan Paulson finished third in the back behind second runners Zemke and Ruhl.

It was Zemke, Cayden Sumption, Rosenwald and Paulson who teamed up to win the 200m medley.

Ruhl, Sumption, Tatge and Kooper Frank swam the fastest time in the 400 freestyle relay.

200 Medley Relay: 1-Brainerd (Lance Zemke, Cayden Sumption, Cade Rosenwald, Ethan Paulson) 1:45.02; 2-Brainerd (Alek Kuepers, Brenden Birchacek, Baden Bastien, Thomas Ruhl) 1:52.63, 5-Brainerd (Kyler Carlson, Atreyu Marcelo, Payton Haglin, Jorey Jackson) 2:02.81

200 free: 1-Mason Kuepers (Brd) 1:52.58, 2-Sam McCulley (Brd) 1:59.19, 4-Kooper Frank (Brd) 2:03.87

200 IM: 1-David Lammers (Will) 2:13.91, 2-Parter Tatge (Brd) 2:14.00, 3-Sam Mattson (Brd) 2:26.65, 5-Josh Eberts (Brd) 2:41.46

50 free: 1-Ruhl 22.52 2-Sumption 23.75, 5-Paulson 24.62

Diving: 1-Kale Bockelman (Will) 217.75, 2-Wyatt Gabrielson (Brd) 192.40, 3-Jalen Emslander (Brd) 180.85, 4-David Herath (Brd) 144.5

100 butterfly: 1-Rosenwald 52.40, 2-Kuepers 53.52, 3-Zemke 1:01.6

100m free: 1-Tatge 52.09, 3-McCulley 53.25, 4-Bastien 55.46

500m free: 1-Mattson 5:37.7, 2-Logan Kuepers (Brd) 5:45.74, 3-Kyler Carlson 5:55.71

200 freestyle relay: 1-Willmar 1:36.34 2-Brainerd (Rosenwald, Bastien, McCulley, Sumption) 1:36.39; 3-Brainerd (Nolan Thiesse, Birchacek, Frank, Spencer Porter) 1:42.63, 5-Brainerd (Marcelo, Jackson, Carlson, Mattson) 1:49.77

100 backstroke: 1-Ruhl 56.47, 2-Zemke 1:01.94, 3-Paulson 1:04.79

100 breaststroke: 1-Rosenwald 1:11.19, 2-Brichacek 1:12.39, 5-Marcello 1:22.96

400 free relay: 1-Brainerd (Ruhl, Sumption, Tatge, Frank) 3: 36.22; 3-Brainerd (Paulson, Mason Kuepers, Thiesse, McCulley) 3:40.42, 5-Brainerd (Carlson, Logan Kuepers, Alek Kuepers, Mattson) 4:02.85

Conference: Brd 5-0, Will 1-4. Overall: Brd 6-0, Will 1-4. Next: Brainerd in Class 2A State True Team meets at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center at 5 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 22.

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