BCTV Daily Dispatch June 25, 2021


The power to live is a curious thing. Make a man cry, blackmail another man. Change a hawk into a little white dove. More than a feeling, it is the power to … The Daily BCTV dispatch! Welcome to our daily dose of the best things that are happening in the television landscape (and with some respect for Huey Lewis and the news), as we take a look at what hit your radar recently, including a serious SPN controversy and GRRM full of regrets. Next, we have “5 other things” as we take a look at the five items that almost made the cut. Then we end things with another edition of “Random TV History Stuff!” as David Letterman’s journey takes a turn for the worse, leading him from NBC to CBS.

SPN / Game of Thrones (Images: The CW / HBO)

Newbies today understand Q-Force, a Turner & Hooch trailer, Austin 3:16 says Stone Cold Steve Austin had a birthday, Joey janela go Trumper gimmick, The blacklist the star bids farewell, and George RR Martin really wish he would write faster:

10. Q-Force: Netflix Releases Official Teaser For LGBTQ + Animated Heroes

9. Turner & Hooch TV Trailer A reminder that Josh Peck is NOT Tom Hanks

8. Austin 3:16 – The most iconic promotion ever produced 25 years ago today

7. Joey Janela debuts Trumper Gimmick, Trolls Locals Kooks at Reunion

6. Blacklist star Megan Boone thanks fans in heartfelt Instagram post

5. What we do in the shadows The star Harvey Guillén presents season 3

4. Rick and Morty: Dan Harmon Solves “The Mystery of Mr. Nimbus’ Name!”

3. The Orville Season 3: Closest Thing To A “Star Trek” Crossover And More

2. Game of Thrones: GRRM wished HBO had waited until 2063 to complete the series

1. Masters of the Universe: Revelation EP Kevin Smith, Season 2 & Spite

BCTV Daily Dispatch June 25, 2021: SPN & GRRM controversy regrets
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Now here’s a look at the five items that almost made the cut, in no particular order, including SNL looking back, SPN have some controversy, AHS: dual functionality gets a poster, and more:

Saturday Night Live Cast, Lorne Michaels Share Stories From Season 46

Jared Padalecki doesn’t seem too happy about the supernatural fallout

Pursuit of Love: Amazon and BBC share romantic comedy-drama trailer

Lucifer BTS clip: Tom Ellis records another from Queen Bites the Dust

American Horror Story: Double Poster Confirms We Have Aliens!

daily shipping
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On this date in 1993, David Letterman‘s Late Night with David Letterman aired their latest episode, the result of Letterman’s nasty backstage battle with Jay leno on who should be the legitimate heir of Johnny carson at Tonight’s show. A young upstart comedy writer named Conan O’Brien is reportedly taking Letterman’s place after he leaves for CBS, with O’Brien also earning Late Night Legend status (and also learning what it’s like to face Leno ):

daily shipping

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