Baxter City Council: Hello Auto Development Gets Approval


The proposed business, which is associated with Lake Country Toyota, is a development project along Edgewood Drive in Baxter.

Baxter City Council has approved the development of the Hello Auto, which will perform retail work for Lake Country Toyota vehicles. Lake Country Toyota currently has overflow parking on Edgewood Drive from the commercial location that faces Highway 371.

The plan calls for Hello Auto to develop land north of the Lake Country Toyota parking lot. The development means that a sanitary sewer and water connection will be required and Edgewood Drive will have to be temporarily closed and demolished to allow for the installation of municipal services.

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In board comments, board member Zach Tabatt said he was pleased to see public land used by participants for the opening of archery hunting and wounded warrior hunting.

“It is good to see that the people who fought and were injured to maintain our rights are benefiting from the use of public lands as we all should,” said Tabatt. “And I just appreciate that this group chose to be here and I hope they come back.”

“I just want to shout a happy birthday to our neighboring town,” said Mayor Darrel Olson, noting the 150th anniversary celebration and activities in Brainerd.

Olson said he attended the inauguration of the Rotary Club pavilion in Boom Lake and that it was a significant addition to the area. Olson said Rotary is also celebrating its 100th anniversary. He noted that one of the comments on future plans was to build a bridge over the river to connect to Baxter trails.

In other matters, the municipal council:

Improvements accepted by Baxter business partners II and started on one year warranty period. Retail Partners Baxter II owns the business development across from Gander Outdoors and has split the original suite for Jersey Mike’s restaurant and created two smaller suites.

Approved the amendment to the Short Elliott Hendrickson contract for the reconstruction of the water treatment plant filter and the needs assessment not exceeding $ 32,100.

Approved preliminary BNSF railway Engineering Services Agreement – Quiet Zone Study estimated at $ 17,000 and amended the project budget to $ 31,800. The city council strives to have a quiet railway area in the city, which means there are no train whistles or horns. The city has allocated $ 20,000 in a fund where the assessment of the calm zone is budgeted for. Assessing the Quiet Zone, which is the next step in the process.

Approved partial compensation for ASTECH Corporation quote # 1 in the amount of $ 141,374.73 for the 2021 micro-coatings improvement project. The city indicated that the total cost of the project is estimated at $ 158,162.73, which is 6% more than the price. of the offer, although the project is under budget. The city noted that the original project budget approved by council included $ 190,000 for construction.

Winner of the wastewater treatment plant Sewer repair estimate to RJ Mechanical, Inc. in the amount of $ 25,000.

Obtaining the estimate for sewer and television cleaning for 2022 Inglewood Drive and the associated Nelson Sanitation highway improvement project for $ 5,504.70.

Deferred payment approved in 2022 tax on special assessments for applicants with qualifying hardship.

Approval of a new rental agreement with T-Mobile USA Tower LLC for the property at 7924 Industrial Park Road.

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