A market research firm will create 40 jobs in Wilmington, on average. $ 120K salary

Suzy will move to the third floor of the former Bank of America building in downtown Wilmington next month. (Permission / Google)

WILMINGTON –– A “real-time” market research platform, Suzy, will bring 40 jobs to Wilmington over the next three years. Next month, it will establish its tech hub in downtown Wilmington, according to a press release from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

The average annual salary for new jobs will be $ 120,000. Suzy will move to the third floor of the Bank of America building on Third Street in November.

The workplace will be a hybrid one, which “cares about work-life balance,” William Mansfield, Suzy’s chief technology officer, said in the statement.

“The old way of focusing on volume and size as the primary driver of success is gone. To build a business in today’s age, you have to focus on quality, ”said Mansfield. “Our new office in Wilmington will provide the foundation for our hybrid workforce to grow without sacrifice.

This year, Forbes named Suzy one of the nation’s top startup employers, ranked 30th out of 2,500 organizations. Suzy seeks to attract and engage an “entirely remote workforce,” while simultaneously expanding mental health benefits, frequent employee surveys, and more. – all of which were factored into his ranking on the Forbes list.

The company has launched two products and raised $ 78 million since last year.

“Suzy has revolutionized the standard pricing model for marketing research by moving from cost per response to a SaaS offering that licenses customers, providing information on demand with more flexibility and predictability,” the statement said. “By integrating technology into the platform, Suzy is delivering actionable insights much faster than any other alternative vendor today. “

Founded in 2018, the New York-based company has attracted titanic industries among its customers, including Microsoft, Citibank, Unilever and KraftHeinz, according to Business Wire.

Several Wilmington positions are already posted online.

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