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Ray Bove

Ray Bove - Equine Muscle Release

   Raymond Bové - Equine Therapist  

Raymond Bové is a "hands on" equine therapist with a broad encyclopaedic knowledge of how to treat horses suffering from muscular or skeletal stress problems.

Ray lives on his 43 hectare property in the heartland of the Nambucca Shire which is halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. He regularly travels north to Grafton, Ballina and the Gold Coast. He also travels south to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Wyong areas to treat clients' horses.

In the hands of an experienced expert the right kinds of equine deep muscle massage therapy usually results in a complete recovery.

Over the years the owners of over 3,500 different horses have turned to Ray Bove for solutions to ailments which are affecting their valuable horse's performance. He has worked for owners in Australia, Argentina and Brazil.

And thanks to Ray's specialist therapeutic skills his track record with equine "patients" is nothing short of amazing. Click testimonials to read what former clients say about Ray's success record in treating their horses.

Ray does of course have formal qualifications. He is a graduate of the NSW College of Natural Medicine with a "Distinction" in remedial massage. More importantly though is Ray's reputation as an equine wizard able to put his finger (in more ways than one) on your horse's  exact muscular or skeletal problem area. These diagnostic skills are backed up by an amazing track record for putting things right. It is simply explained in other sections within this website.

See Ray at work on Youtube

See Ray performing his treatments on YouTube.

   Contact Raymond Bové as follows  

P.O. Box 81, Bowraville NSW 2449 Australia
Please telephone Ray on (0427) 647 530


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